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Flowty is a platform on the Flow blockchain that allows users to Buy, Sell, Lend, Borrow, and Rent NFTs. The platform is focused on providing collectors with a low-fee and feature-rich alternative to traditional marketplaces. Start enjoying Flowty's lower fees today!


Flowty was Built FOR Collectors, BY Collectors


Own The Moment (OTM)

OTM is the online home for sports fans in Web3 centered around education, gamification, and community. This includes content and analytics tools for sports NFTs such as NBA Top Shot, NFL ALL DAY, and DraftKings Reignmakers and a suite of cutting-edge fantasy sports games. Community lies at the foundation of OTM, highlighted by the Jolly Jokers, a collection of 5,000 profile picture NFTs living on the Flow blockchain.



Blockchain Powered Sports Gaming. Easily Sign In, Create Teams and Play in Contests. Earn Prizes to Collect Top Shot Moments.


Steady Breaks

Founded in August of 2020, Steady Breaks has proven to be the leaders in digital breaking across streaming platforms such as Twitch, Youtube and Whatnot. Our mission is to create a fluid and vibrant community of digital collectors by providing daily digital breaks. A Digital Break is where Digital Collectible packs are RIPPED OPEN with the community and the spoils are split between the event participants! 


Moment Ranks

Use your Top Shot Moments to set your lineups, compete for prizes, and become the greatest GM in the world on Play, by, the first Top Shot daily fantasy sports game. Daily Contest: A multiplayer highest points game mode to compete for daily prizes. Winners are reported to Dapper every Monday for the previous week for prize fulfillment.

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