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All You Can Eat Ice Cream

Hey, my name is Joe and I started my Top Shot journey in April of 2021. Funny enough, I heard about it on CNBC when they were covering the surge of users joining Top Shot. I am a huge NBA fan and have loved collecting since I was a kid, so it sounded like an interesting product to me.

I was pretty skeptical at first. I bought into a lot of the same critiques people mention, but it didn’t take me long to realize a lot of the benefits you could achieve by collecting through NBA Top Shot. A lot of those benefits are just the sheer ease of transacting on the platform, whether that is buying packs, selling moments, or buying specific moments that I love. Now a lot more benefits exist like rewards, the Team Captain's program, using your moments in fantasy games like Moment Ranks Play, and being able to show off your moments via Infinite Objects.

Speaking of the benefits of collecting through Top Shot, as a member of the District of Collectors (@DCTopShot) Team Captain's program, I was awarded floor seat tickets to a Wizards game. I had a blast going to the Wizards game. Never thought floor seats at an NBA game would be an experience I would get to do in my life. Can’t thank the District of Collectors and NBA Top Shot crew enough for having me. The game itself was fascinating. I expected the players to be large, but the incredible part to me was just how fast they all moved and processed their basketball decisions. The euphemism about the actual speed of the game is so true. Was incredible to see the game up close. The Wizards also have a spectacular setup at Capital One Arena for floor-seat guests, including a VIP entrance, an unlimited buffet, and an open bar. Can’t lie, I was most excited by the drumstick ice creams they had available to grab-n-go. I had the time of my life, and it's an experience I won’t ever forget.

Even better than the rewards though are all the connections I have made through Top Shot. The Team Captains program is a top-notch way for collectors to make friends with the local Top Shot collectors. Honestly, the relationships and experiences I have built have been my personal favorite part of being involved with Top Shot and I’m very thankful to have met everyone in the District of Collectors Top Shot community. I look forward to many more years of collecting, rewards, and friendship.

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