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Apr 3: Steady Breaks with Hall of Famer Dominique Wilkins

A Digital Break is where Digital Collectible packs are RIPPED OPEN with the community and the spoils are split between the event participants! Founded in August of 2020, Steady Breaks has proven to be the leaders in digital breaking across streaming platforms such as Twitch, Youtube and Whatnot. Their mission is to create a fluid and vibrant community of digital collectors by providing daily digital breaks.

Hall of Famer Dominique Wilkins will be participating in a break alongside NBA Top Shot collectors Monday Night!

Date: Monday, April 3rd

Time: 6:00 PM PT

Location: Steady Breaks Twitch

## Official announcement and details from Steady Breaks on the upcoming April 3rd Break with Hall of Famer Dominique Wilkins ##

We are collabing with KultureCity to bring recognition to their nonprofit organization. KultureCity is the world's leading nonprofit on sensory needs and invisible disabilities. For almost 10 years, they've helped people with autism, PTSD, stroke, dementia, and mental illness live better lives, providing resources, training and safe spaces. Through their Make the Nevers Possible initiative, they curate experiences for people with invisible disabilities that enrich their lives and create lasting memories.

KultureCity's Board Chairman is Hall of Famer Dominique Wilkins. He will be joining us on stream Monday, April 3rd at 6:00 PM PT to break with NBA Top Shot collectors and answer questions from the community. If you'd like to ask him a question, join our discord for the google form. We have two breaks lined up for collectors to join. Each break and its break contents are posted below. For more information regarding how the breaks work, scroll down to our FAQs. Also, anyone in the stream will have an opportunity to win giveaways from Steady Breaks, NBA Top Shot, and KultureCity!

Break 1: 15 Collector Hit Draft - $199 Break contents include: 5 signed jerseys, 5 signed balls, 2 VIP tickets with lounge access to an upcoming Hawks game, 1 Legendary Wilkins Top Shot Moment, 2 $100 SB Credit, and 1 S1R12 Pack.

Break 2: 30 Collector Random Team Break - $199 Break Contents include: 1 HOLO S3R2, 1 RIB Legacies 86-87, 2 S1R12, 10 Prem R3, 2 Prem R1, 5 S3 TD, 5 RIB 86-87, 1 RIB 05-06, 3 KD Elite, 10 S3R6. Side note: Any collector who participates in the 30 team break will receive a FREE MINT for KultureCity's upcoming NFT project, F THE NEVERS - ($150 product, $50 to break with Wilkins/Free Mint)

Both breaks will be available to buy at 6:00 PM PT, Sunday April 2nd on our Break Registration tab under "Dapper Breaks." All proceeds go to KultureCity (F THE NEVERS).


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