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NBA Top Shot Champion's Path Redemption Playoff Tracker by Steve (@intangible_eth)

Updated: Apr 25, 2023

The 2023 NBA Playoff are off to an exciting First Round, with the 76ers bringing out the brooms, the Heat looking to pull off a massive upset of the Bucks, the Kings in a battle with the defending champs to light the beam, and MSG returning to playoff glory. Adding to the excitement of the 2023 NBA Playoffs NBA Top Shot has rolled out the Champion's Path. The Champion's Path is a new innovative way that allows collector's to control the supply of Top Shot moments and put their basketball IQ to the test. Consisting of three Redemptions per team (2 star players and 1 wildcard), collectors are given the chance after each round the particular team is still in the playoffs to redeem, sell, or hold for a later round moment.

As the Playoffs progress and more scarcity sets in, collectors will have decisions to make as they navigate the Champion's Path toward the 2023 NBA Champion's Challenge Reward - a team highlight reel of the 2023 NBA Champions. To help navigate the Playoffs, avid NBA Top Shot Collector Steve (@intangible_eth on Twitter) made an incredibly useful tool ( to track redemption supply circulation and market prices across each round of the playoffs for collectors to make more informed decisions.

**The data is best viewed on Desktop. Data is updated every few hours and also works for 2020 - 2022 NBA Playoffs.**

Want to learn more about the Champion's Path? These short videos help explain everything you need to know:

NBA Top Shot put out a useful bracket showing the breakdown of Redemptions required through the Playoffs for a full set and to earn the 2023 NBA Championship Reel.

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