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Collectin & Connectin Flash Challenge - 5/12 - 5/14 Weekend Edition

Deadline to Submit will be 5/15 at 5pm EST. Build your showcase and submit it to the google form.

Prize: Prize 2 Winners: Jayson Tatum ASG Rare and Tork donated a Julius Randle TSD Successful entries will be placed on a wheel to select the two winners.

Three Tiers:

Any Moments - 1 Entry Playoff Moments - 2 Entries Rare Moments - 3 Entries


  • Moment 1: Most Points Friday - Jalen Brunson

  • Moment 2: Most Rebounds Friday - Anthony Davis

  • Moment 3: Most Assists Friday - Lebron James or Kyle Lowry

  • Moment 4: Most Points Sunday

  • Moment 5: Most Rebounds Sunday

  • Moment 6: Most Assists Sunday

  • Moment 7 and 8 : If any game ends in a buzzer beater must use players Rare or TSD moment. Potential

  • Moment 9: If any player scores 45-55 points a rare moment is needed. 56+ Legendary Moment needed (Tier will not matter for this moment)

Wildcard - Historical Moment from Series Winning Team - MAX 1Bonus Entry Tweet your showcase and mention @collctn_connctn and @nbatopshot.

Additional details can be found in the Collectin and Connectin Discord:

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