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Collectin & Connectin Flash Challenge Playoff Edition - 4/25

Collectin & Connectin Flash Challenge - 4/25 Deadline to Submit will be 4/26 at 5pm EST.

Prizes: Klay Redemption, De’Aaron Fox Redemption, Claxton Redemption and Atlanta WC

Successful entries will be placed on a wheel to select the winners. Special thanks to Ariel and Scotty for contributing these great prizes!


Moment 1: Most Assists - Playoff Moment

Moment 2: Most Rebounds - Playoff Moment

Moment 3: Most Points - Playoff Moment

Moment 4: Most Blocks - Playoff Moment

Moment 5: Most Steals - Playoff Moment

Potential Moment 6: Russell Westbrook If he gets a double/double non-base common needed. If he gets a triple double RARE is needed

Potential Moments 7-9: Which ever team closes out their series tonight requires a team moment.

Wildcard - Kawhi Leonard Moment Serial < 1000 (only playing time he will have tonight) Max 1 can be used

Not a Bonus but would love if you spread the love: Tweet your showcase and mention @collctn_connctn and @nbatopshot.

- If a player does not have the required moment - defaults to a TSD.

- If a player does not have a moment - a team moment will be required.

- If there is a tie - no tiebreaker, any of the tied players with a qualifying moment may be used.

Final details after the games are complete can be found in the Collectin and Connectin Discord:

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