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Gary Trent Jr. TSDs Fridays with JakeTheShake

@JakeTheShakeTS shares his love for Gary Trent Jr. TSDs and why he buys one each week.

It's JakeTheShake here, everyone's favorite lovable Top Shot clown, to talk about my favorite moment on the platform, Gary Trent Jr's debut, and why I stack it!

So you might be wondering, Jake, why do you buy a Gary Trent Jr debut moment every Friday? The answer is that GTJ (what his real fans call him) is my favorite player on my favorite team, and it's the first moment I ever purchased on the platform. It was also my 1000th moment. So let's get to the moment itself, a buzzer-beating game-winner. IT JUST DOESN'T GET BETTER THAN THAT!

My ultimate goal is to have the most GTJ debuts on Top Shot, and I'm almost there. It's been fun to have a target and consistently work towards it. I find Top Shot is best with a goal in mind.

Check out JakeTheShake's progress on the Gary Trent Jr. Leaderboard!

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