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S1:E6: Treaticus catches up with Wolf, the leader of the Pack!

Treaticus is joined by WolfOfBallStreet the Co-Host of the Wolf Den Spaces a space for NBA Top Shot holders of the S2 Throwdown set. He shares his life story and love for low scoring NBA games.

Wolf starts his story being born in the Cootnie Mountains in Canada moving to Vancouver island when he was young surrounded by lots of family there. Vancouver island has the biggest ferry system in the world. Born with skates on his feet he learned how to skate form an NHL player's mom?

His favorite NBA player was Barkley because everyone else liked Jordan. He grew up loving music, played the sax and then the guitar while falling in love with rap and has been in several bands. His band Lake Placid is a indie group that uses a lot of the production stuff he learned from rap. As a kid his parents wouldn't buy him video games so he got a paper route and spent the money on his first Nintendo gaming system and has loved video games ever since.

Give it a listen to learn more about what made the man behind one of the most entertaining NBA Top Shot spaces on the internet.

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