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Stats2Cash: Revolutionizing Moment Ranks Play with the Power of Community

Daniel Barrington the NBA Top Shot Laker's Co-Captain explains the creation of Stats2Cash and their playoff tournament.

In the world of sports and digital collectibles, Moment Ranks Play has emerged as an exciting and competitive platform for fans. One passionate player, driven by the desire to improve their game and share their knowledge, created Stats2Cash – a resource that has quickly gained popularity among fellow enthusiasts.

Stats2Cash was born out of one player's curiosity to delve deeper into the mechanics of Moment Ranks Play. Equipped with a rapidly acquired proficiency in Google Sheets, the creator began crafting projections for their personal use. As word spread about this invaluable tool, it didn't take long for others to express interest in using the projections as well.

The early success of Stats2Cash caught the attention of Boards2Buckets, an engaging basketball community that emerged from the NBA Top Shot phenomenon. Boards2Buckets is renowned for its dedication to fostering connections between sports fans while sharing the joy of their favorite pastime. With a growing alliance between the two platforms, Stats2Cash subscribers quickly began to rise through the ranks of Moment Ranks Play. Stats2Cash provides a wide array of data on top of the projections, such as the rank of the opposing team for a certain play type, whether they have hit their boost in their last 5 games, the percentage chance they will hit their boost and whether they are below the Last 10 average in which they have hit their boost so far this season! With this extensive collection of tools available for Stats2Cash subscribers, the chances of winning some free Dapper have never been higher!

Today, the Stats2Cash community continues to thrive, with numerous subscribers finishing in the Top 100 on the Moment Ranks Play leaderboard almost every night. The power of collaboration and shared knowledge has been the driving force behind this remarkable accomplishment.

If you're eager to enhance your Moment Ranks Play skills and connect with other like-minded individuals, consider checking out Stats2Cash at And for those looking to join one of the fastest-growing sports communities, be sure to visit Boards2Buckets at With the combination of these two incredible resources, you'll find yourself immersed in an engaging and supportive network of fellow sports enthusiasts. PLUS a bonus piece of alpha: If you sign up to Boards2Buckets Hall of Fame subscription this week, you’ll get access to Stats2Cash as well as FREE entry into our Moment Ranks Play-Offs Tournament! The Tournament is underway, but there is still time to enter! You will earn points for every top 120 finish from the Play-in through the end of the NBA Finals! You can find details on how to enter here:

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Apr 12, 2023

Great article! I love Stats2Cash!

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