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The Collector's Side Quests

-- Written by @STEVEYGIII, NBA Top Shot, NFL All Day, UFC Strike and Candy MLB collector--

As we ride into S5 of NBA Top Shot, there is no shortage of ways to engage with the platform through leaderboards, pack drops, challenges, hitting the marketplace, etc. Personally, I really can't compete on a lot of these Top 25 burn challenges, I am 50-50 on packs lately and I currently am quite alright being at 295th on the Wizards leaderboard until I know why I need to push into the Top 250 (don't worry Dingaling and Alxo your spots at 1 and 2 are safe for now). Yet I stay heavily engaged with Top Shot (the site itself not just the Twitter machine), because I love the product, the platform and have found my own side quests that I thoroughly enjoy daily. Here are five side quests, focused on collecting, you can sink your teeth into on Top Shot.

1) Complete a Full Team Set

2) Collect a Secondary Team Set

3) Create a Custom Chase

4) Make a List of Rare and Lower Moments to Tackle

5) Create Showcases and Watch Your Moments

1) Complete a Full Team Set. This is my current primary side quest I am digging into. I have successfully hit 24/28 of the Wizards All-Time team set. Only eluding me are the Caron Butler, Antawn Jamison and Otto Porter Run it Backs, along with the Jared Jeffries Archive moment (which I have no idea why I do not own as cheap as it is). This has been a fun journey as I started out with S2 and S3 team sets fairly quickly. I took advantage of the current market prices to knock out S1 a few months back and that led me into targeting of the All-Time set. The collecting progression here has been enjoyable, because you wind up looking at a lot of moments you may not otherwise think twice about, such as the S1 Wizards moments with half the team no longer on the Wizards. As a collector, this builds a sense of accomplishment and also plunges you deeper into your team fandom. There is a good feeling when you see that new team set pop up on your main page and a checklist get a little bit shorter. The beauty here is this can be as long or as short of a journey as you want and it will continue to evolve as we close out S4 and get into new S5 moments.

2) Collect a Secondary Team Set. Secondary here meaning non-primary team, so this does not just mean a 2nd team; it could be your 3rd, 4th, 29th, etc. I love basketball as I think almost everyone on Top Shot does (shoutout to the old rent seeker gang). As a basketball fan, you wind up watching more than just your favorite team throughout the year and grow secondary teams you enjoy (even if you don't say it out loud). Adding a secondary team set is a great way to get a TSS boost and jump into another community of die hard fans. I recently made a commitment to myself to get more active in Discords and having multiple team communities has really made that a lot more fun than I anticipated. I really do not know how I wound up enjoying watching the post-LeBron Cavaliers as much as I do, but I have held a Cavs team set for quite awhile and the Packalier community has been great to follow along. I've been to Cleveland a few times, absolutely love the city and enjoy being part of the Cavs community. I just recently added a Pistons S3 team set to join the Blockchain Bad Boys, because I really love the young nucleus of Cade, Duren and Ivey the Cavs are building with. The extensions beyond just being a Wizards fan in the District of Collectors has greatly heightened my Top Shot experience, engagement and opened up a world of new targets for collecting.

3) Create a Custom Chase. My personal custom chaser is to get the full set of quad badge (or 3 star as Top Shot calls them) rookie moments. I have seen other people do things like the bubble set, player checklists or collecting a set certain serial number, but the concept is you define the set criteria and go build it. I really like this concept, because the only rules and moments required are based on what you set and want to collect. I love the quad badge rookie debuts and believe long term they are a great buy. True "rookie card" moments, only ever minted to 4000 per player? Sign me up for that. I currently sit at 39/100, with plenty of shopping to do, but I love browsing the marketplace daily, trying to throw out offers or snipe a good serial. You can also set personal collecting goals along the way on your chase and market watch as prices are going up or down on the missing pieces, putting pressure on certain parts.

Side note for those interested in the quad badge debut journey, Badge County has the full checklist for everyone below:

4) Make a List of Rare and Lower Moments to Tackle. This is in essence a subset of your wishlist, but to most collectors, is probably the most realistic moments to purchase on a whim or own without evaluating future pricing too much. Find the players you want to collect or stack or have a low risk investment in that might pop at some point. This is flagging moments you like and buying them, because you like the moment (crazy concept). The rare tier really does have some phenomenal plays and right now things are at a great price point to collect those premium moments or pick up rares if you think they are going to be a part of flash challenges. I personally like to flag nice to haves on this list, which are the moments I have some memory of, connection to or player I like. I flag slews of playoff moments I may miss out on or wait out for prices to drop each year, since I watch a ton of playoff basketball and get connected to the memories of those moments. I love Jimmy Butler and was absolutely enamored with watching him during the last playoff run, but along the way you see so many other great moments, like the Bam Adebayo two hand monster block in the finals. This is where I flag rares or plays I love I may pick up at some point, like the Ja Morant full court pass, buzzer beater 3 from the corner. Collect what you love.

5) Create Showcases and Watch Your Moments. Watch your freaking moments people! That is what they are there for. A lot of physical card collectors are hung up on the tangible touching of cards. Well once you touch it, your left with just looking at the still image. The beauty of Top Shot is you have the full highlight, the full memory, playing live right in front of you. Re-watch those clips and relive that connection to those moments. Build showcases once in awhile with or without a theme. Sometimes I throw a showcase together just of moments I enjoy watching I want to show other people.

We need to spread the actual moments more and bring more visibility to watching the actual moments.

I am big fan of tweeting the moment highlights and showing off how incredible the product is and how cool it is to be able to watch the entire moment that you own. Not to mention the entire pack ripping experience itself (see bottom tweet). We need more of this and showcase the product more and not just talk floor price, bottlenecks and new user metrics. Showcasing the product more and more will bring in users who fall in love with the product. I enjoy showcase challenges a lot of the communities do and wish Top Shot themselves would bring back more. It is a great way, with a great flow, to get people watching a lot of moments. "I can't hold my moments!" Yes you can. Right in the palm of your hands; and guess what, you can watch them too! Here is a glorious showcase to finish the blog for your view pleasure - Locked Shot

Until next time, we ride at dawn…

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