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This Week in Moments 11/21

-- Written by @STEVEYGIII, NBA Top Shot, NFL All Day, UFC Strike and Candy MLB collector--

The key to doing a blog series is actually writing the second post, so this is now officially a weekly column! Last post I originally had a Spurs star leading this blog off, but then Devin Vassel was struck with the This Week in Moments (TWiM) blog curse and got injured, so Spurs fans knock on wood that Wemby isn't the second Spurs player struck by the TWiM blog lead off spot curse. Enjoy This Week in Moments with a small market theme (sorry San Antonio, OKC and Portland) with emerging big money talent.

Victor Wembanyama This is THE moment on Top Shot right now and for the foreseeable future. Such an incredible energy and anticipation around this moment. This moment created such a strong buzz and energy on the platform and within the community. A generational player on a generational platform. Everyone is hoping this is our 1952 Topps Mickey Mantle. Wemby is off to an electric start (at least until I am watching him in MSG tonight), that has everyone believing the hype is real. This moment is arguably the biggest true rookie moment on Top Shot (although Anthony Edwards is really under appreciated). Pack demand was huge, pack resell value was incredibly strong, there was a great chase for serial #1 and it felt like every single person who pulled it posted it on the Twitter machine; which is huge for Top Shot. Even if only for a brief period, Wemby united us all and we felt that vintage Top Shot push feeling again. Go get you one.

Shai Gilgeous-Alexander The preseason MVP hype machine favorite. What Wembanyama was to the Rookie of the Year preseason hype, SGA was the name everyone kept preaching was coming for the MVP crown. SGA reminds me of where Ja Morant was before his breakthrough and Devin Booker before him. The Thunder are a sexy, trendy breakout team again and SGA is the poster boy for America's team. Along with the pure beauty SGA has in his catalog of moments, I am a firm believer the Rare rewards category does not get enough love and true value for what they are. A lot of them are top notch plays at low mints, that people spent a decent chunk of change to complete a challenge for. One of SGA's most underappreciated moments is his MGLE reward, which checks the empty stadium box and really is just a pure display of talent. Splitting 2 defenders, driving deep under the basket and flinging a layup right back in the bucket. A great example of #WatchYourMoments and appreciate Rare rewards.

Shaedon Sharpe How does Portland just continue to find these electric young guards who can just absolutely take over games? Dame to CJ to Simons to now Shaedon Sharpe. I think a lot of people expected a breakout from Shaedon, but maybe tempered expectations with Simons there and Scoot coming in, but Simons is hurt and Sharpe is thriving carrying the load. He has doubled his rookie year averages from 10/3/1 to 20/6/3 already and is only going to get better. He's 20 years old and has an absolute monster of a poster dunk off the baseline in the S4 Throwdowns set (rookie badge alert!) He's out putting grown men on posters in digital collectibles when you were trying to find a fake ID to get a 30 pack of Old Milwaukee. All of Shaedon's rookie year moments are top notch from the TSD to the Rookie Revelations (hovering around a $1000 floor), but the Throwdowns moment just showcases how special he really is.

Until next time - watch your moments and we ride at dawn...

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