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Welcome to Collectin and Connectin!

In November 2022, @treaticus began creating videos posted on Twitter, spreading positive vibes for the NBA Top Shot community. Based on the overwhelmingly positive feedback from the active and inactive NBA Top Shot users, Treaticus teamed up with Ariel and SDA to form Collectin and Connectin (“C&C”) in December 2022. Since December, thousands have enjoyed the positive NBA Top Shot collecting videos. The C&C community welcomes all NBA Top Shot fans who share the vision of collecting and connecting positively, including Team Captains, NLL Members, VIPs, and beginner collectors. C&C’s vision is to develop a web-based platform to more easily tell the stories of collectors and introduce them to the multitude of resources available to enjoy NBA Top Shot and other Digital Sports Communities.

Currently, digital sports collectors must seek out content creators and communities through Twitter, Discord, or Facebook, which can make for a lonely collecting journey. Many collectors don’t know where to start or who to trust. Without knowing community members already in the space, this requires a substantial time commitment and learning how to use new social media tools. Our goal with this site is to connect collectors of digital sports collectibles, grow communities, and serve as a safe space for experienced and beginner collectors.

Take some time to play around with the website and learn more about your fellow community members. We are always open to feedback or stories you think we should highlight from the communities (

Hear the Teams Journey to creating C&C:

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