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The Collectin' and Connectin' Podcast

We are Collectin' Digital Sports Collectibles, and we are Connectin' with the people in the Web3 Community! Join us to talk NBA Top Shot and other digital sports collectibles with our special Good Vibes community.

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Moment by Moment

Moment by Moment is a weekly YouTube live stream (9:30am Est.) breaking down NBA Top Shot sets. Come connect with Treaticus, King Brett, and Threeball as they break down the sets moment by moment.



Badge County is an NBA Top Shot podcast. From pack drops to rookie updates, playoff hunts to best moment debates; if you're a hoop head, you're home in Badge County.

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Connectin & Collectin Playback

C&C Playback is a virtual space where the C&C community streams live sports together, with everyone perfectly synced up. The true streaming home of the C&C Community, this is your spot for connecting with your C&C fam, watching games together, and of course dishing a healthy dose of banter.

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