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Collectin Showcase: Giannis Antetokounmpo

-- Written by @STEVEYGIII, NBA Top Shot, NFL All Day, UFC Strike and Candy MLB collector--

Where do we even begin with Giannis? Giannis has a ton of moments. I didn't look it up, but I would be willing to bet, outside of Bruce Brown, Giannis has the most moments on the Top Shot platform. There's good reason though, Giannis is an absolute mega-star, MVP, World Champion (I don't care what the track star says) and arguably one of the faces of the league. I almost had to take a half day at work to go through all of these moments, but man there are some gems in here. Going through the Giannis catalog, you see some similar things like the 2 step Euro dunk or the short distance hammer dunk; but that is a testament to the player Giannis is. He makes the moment worthy type plays look routine. Anyway, you're not here for the words on this one. Enjoy the Giannis show.

The Top Shot Debut: Series 1 Base Set Common. In what would turn out to be the perfect tone setting moment for Giannis on Top Shot, we get an electric double poster slam! There can't be many more double poster dunks on Top Shot, if any. This is teetering into a value buy range right now floor price wise for one you will watch again and again.

The Rare: Series 1 Run it Back. A young Giannis in this one. Pure athleticism with the baseline drive into the up and under reverse layup. Just a cool moment (which the floor price reflects).

The Legendary: Series 4 Run it Back Legacies 2014-2019. This set just crushed it this year. My Zach Lavine legendary pick was out of the S4 RiB Legacies set and this moment is equally as hot. This might be my favorite Giannis moment. He literally is jumping over Tim Hardaway Jr; like legit over that man. Nothing else needs to be said.

The Reward: Series 2 Common Hustle & Show. If the above RiB Legacies isn't my favorite Giannis moment, this one is. The back to back double block. I remember when this moment first came through the challenge how cool I thought it was and how I had not really seen a moment like it yet at that time on Top Shot. I need to pick this one back up (the price is right!)

The High Mint: Series 2 Common /15k. Again like the Lavine, we have the same set producing this category's top moment. This moment is just Giannis gliding in for the throwdown. Empty arena, the drive from the 3 point line and guys making business decisions to stay out of his way.

Best of the Rest: Series 2 Seeing Stars. Ah the beloved Seeing Stars set. Giannis takes a wild pass and absolutely buck charges Jarrett Allen right down the middle of the paint. This is Giannis saying if you don't want to see it, come try to stop it.

Best of the Rest: Series 3 Rare MGLE Reward. The Doris Burke play by play makes an appearance on this one. Giannis just plays bully ball running right through PJ Washington for the contested layup. This is the pure power side of Giannis in the clutch, showcased at its finest.

Best of the Rest: Series 1 Rare MVP. I had totally forgot that Giannis had a whole freaking rare set dedicated to him for being MVP! You can really take your pick of any of those moments from the MVP set and you'll be pleased with what you see, but this one in particular stood out as I was going through the catalog, because it was similar to the MGLE play in the sense of Giannis is just running through people, this time 2 defenders on his way to the rim. I don't know that there are many other players that can consistently pump out these types of highlights just running at and through people for the finish. Only LeBron comes to mind and that's good company.

Best of the Rest: Series 2 Common 2021 Playoffs. This is one of those iconic thumbnails with Giannis holding the championship trophy. Beyond the thumbnail it is an incredible slam in traffic of a bunch of Suns. The bench erupting is a great touch and something I love to see in moments. They smelled blood and put the Suns away.

Best of the Rest: Series 4 Legendary Top Shot 50. Our 10th and final Giannis moment had to be this one, despite the amount of pain it causes me to watch since it is him pouring it on my Wizards. The career high 55 point night from last season, which he almost passed the other night, which earned him this spotlight. This is such a great use of the reel play type, as it really showcases all of the great aspects of Giannis' game. Enjoy the amazing thumbnail, then hide your eyes Wizards' fans.

Two Connectin Showcases in and two in a row from players with 50 point outings earning them the treatment. Drop the buckets, enjoy the moments. Until next time, we ride at dawn...

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